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Happy Halloween 01/11/2011

Hope you had a fun Halloween this year I didnt dress up as She-Ra but looks like Paris Hilton did! check out the link for more info.perezhilton.com

Pixel Dan Bubble Power She-Ra review! 09/10/2011

Buy my stuff please! 31/07/2011
So I'm selling a few thing on ebay that I've had in my bedroom meaning to sell for years and taking up space. They are a Crystal Castle, Crysatal Falls (with a box!), a promo book and pics from the SOTS movie and a MISB Mantenna mini-statue from 2006! Wow how lucky are you lot? Have a look, watch them , have a bid or two :) Thanks for the interest xoxo Click Me

Comic Con 2011 25/07/2011

So the big news from this years San Dieago comic con relating to She-Ra, is that in November from Mattycollector we will be getting Swift Wind in Filmnation colours and Bubble power She-Ra! Bubble She-Ra is v.2 with beter leg articulation so she will be able to sit on Swift Wind, unlike the first She-Ra produced. January will give us the (deep breaths now everybody) The Star Sisters with Glory Bird!!!! This will be $60 to buy and looks amazing, I can't wait to get my mits on these. And if that was not enough excitement for you then Shadow Weaver will be the subscription exclusive (Matel now own the rights to Filmnation.) Check out this video for more info from the lovley people at ActionFigurePics.com

Some bios above and images of the Super Girl Vs She-ra double pack that will be avalible in toys r us stores in the us soon. Enjoy

Card Back Figures Poster more info on thefwoosh.com

Little update 30/05/2011
Added a few images to the site mainly press clippings in the press/advertisment section and a few bits in books and comics/mags.
Do you like me? 27/11/2010
If you havent seen it already I now have a Facebook page for the site, so click the like button on the right and start letting me know what you think of the site and anything you wanna see.
Comic Con 2010 23/08/2010

If anyone was lucky enough to have attended San Dieago Comic Con recently then you may have seen the matty collector stand and the two silver She-Ra 25th anniversary figures. These figures based on the 2010 She-Ra MOTU Classics line are super limited, only two were made and one was raffled off to a very very lucky winner. The heroic Bow and Grizzlor of Evil Horde fame were also on show at the booth and will be released soon via the Matty Collector site.
Random cute She-Ra Videos 22/08/2010

I've just been playing around with videos on my site so here are a couple, hope you enjoy

Sarah xxx
Shopping finds 09/08/2010
Paperchase have now started selling the He-Man and She-Ra birthday cards made by hype media that came out around the end of last year,(see the first pic). And these She-Ra and He-Man costumes have been around for while now, but I still get excited to see She-Ra stuff in shops so took a pic. These were found in a fancydress shop in London, for around £35 but sadly they didnt have it in my size :(

whilst googling something I came across a site called LatestGifts.co.uk which have a She-Ra helium balloon for sale for £11.99! Maybe I will get one for my birthday?
Click Me

Sarah xxx
Selling My She-ra doubles on ebay 01/04/2010
The time has come for me to short out my POP and MOTU stuff and sell the bits that I dont need anymore as I need lots of money to buy a new car. So please have a look and see if theres anything you want or need.

Click Me

Happy Bidding
Sarah xxx
She-Ra DVDs in the UK 15/12/2009
She-Ra Season 1 part 1 has been finally released in the UK by universal but only avalible at HMV. It came out on the 19/10/09 and has the same artwork as the NTSC sets but has slimline cases in a cardbord sleave instead of the foldout box that america got. As of yet there is no sign of any plans to release the next two dvd sets so it looks like universal are waiting to see if it sells well, so go out and grab one for christmas and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of She-Ra in the new year. I took a couple of sneeky pics so check them out, and dont forget to get your self a She-Ra calender for 2010, You can find them on forbiddenplanet.co.uk or have a look in one of the callender shops that open up around this time of year, as thats were I found mine!

Happy Christmass
Sarah xxx
She-Ra Shoes 27/02/2009
I just looked on topshop.com and found 'She-Ra T-Bar Peep Toe Shoes'. I think that they have a She-Ra vibe about them the fringing on the sides is like She-Ra's headdress and the studs on the front remind me of the design on her chest.(I know it looks nothing like it but it has that feel, know what I meen?) So there must be some She-Ra fans in the TopShop shoe department!

They come in white or brown and are £70. My first thought was 'I have to have these shoes' but they are a little pricy, (Im trying not to spend my money and save it at the mo) and I proberly would never wear them as Im not much of a heel wearer. (Like my ballet pumps and look at the size of that heel!) But the white ones sure are pretty....Why did they have to put She-Ra in to the name, whith out it I would'nt have paid them any interest.

xoxo Sarah
(Sorry been watching Gossip Girl to much)x
Catch up! 28/03/2008
I've had a few thing that I wanted to post up here but not got round to doing it so here it all is, its not very current any more but none the less interesting.

This is an article from a free London paper called the 'London Lite' dated way back in August 2007! Itís about a band called the Crystal Castles who are named after She-Raís Crystal Castle, and it states this in the article. I thought it was cool seeing She-Raís name in a paper so kept it; I have high lighted the sentence though itís a little faint in the scan.

Near the end of last year the highstreet fashion store New Look got a load of t-shirts with 80's prints on them, and She-Ra was one of them. So when I was in the store I decided to give She-Ra her rightful place on the rails, and nab one for myself.

Iíve updated a few pics and added some bits here like the 86 Mattel catalogue in the media/advertisments page, and will uploading some more soon. Oh and I've just brought two more Horde Troopers to add to my mini Trooper army, cant wait to receive them I love Horde Trooper figures they are so awesome.

Sarah x
Update 13/12/2007
Wow this site has just surpassed the 15000 hit mark. Thanks to everyone whos been there to help make this the UK's number one She-Ra fan site.

Im in the process of setting up princessofpower.co.uk groups and communities on the following social networking sites myspace, facebook, youtube and flickr. If you would like to be involved and can help out in any way feel free to get in contact either via the forums or email.

Remember to bookmark this page and tell all your friends about us. Keep checking back often as we shoud be running some compertitions sometime in the new year with fab prizes.

If your from the UK did you know that official mattel branded She-Ra t-shirts are now available in your local high street, just pop in to New Look to get one.

Happy Holidays, Sarah x
Check out the ads 10/11/2007
I now have Google ads (I'm such a sell out!) Have a click if anything takes your fanncy, and help out with the hosting fees.

Thanks for your help, sarah x
Look what I just found!! 23/08/2007
Whilst sorting through my mags I found this little article in an old toyfare mag issue 71 from July 2003. Thought you might be interested!

New Dvd for the uk! 18/07/2007
The UK has been lucky to get a second release of the secret of the sword on DVD. It's the first disk from the first release of the film that had the best of episodes, with a totally new cover witch looks amazing. Its cheaper than the first DVD at £10 and is meant to be a stand alone movie aimed more at children and young people who don't know who He-Man of She-Ra are.

I had totally forgotten about the release of this so when I was having my regular check on the She-Ra DVD section in HMV, I was very pleasantly surprised, and rushed up to the till clutching it with pride and excitement to buy it.

Welcome to the new site! 29/05/2007
Hello! Welcome to the new version of POP UK the ultimate She-Ra fansite. Check out the new characters section.
Happy Valintines day! 14/2/2007
Ive got lots of stuff to put on the site just got to get round to doing it!(im so lazy)Update very soon I promise.

~sarah x
banners and more! 16/1/2007
I've put up a few more pics of boxart, dolls and other bits and pieces.

And now have lots of new banners for linking me. So if you have a old banner of mine on your site, have a look and find your self a better one (if you like?).

~sarah x
Tagboard 15/1/2007
Ive just added a tagboard so feel free to comment away to your hearts content.

happy new year 12/1/2007
Hi, hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

Ive updated a few bits and pieces on the dolls and creatures pages more to come very soon. If anyone has any requests content wise please feel free to get in touch with me (email address is on the contact page).

If anyone is intrested in affiliating with this site I have a nice little box at the bottom of this page to store 88x31 banners

A big thank you goes out for all the support from everyone, thanks for visiting.

~Luv Sarah
site launch 28/11/2006
Welcome to princessofpower.co.uk hope you like the site and enjoy your stay. Its still under construction at the moment, theres still so much I want to do, but hopefully I'll get more stuff put up soon! Let me know what you think and any sugestions you might have.

So your proberly wondering what this site has to offer? Well, currently there is a brand spanking new forum and lots of information just a click away from the menu above so feel free to explore.

I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has helped me out getting this site together. Oh and remember to bookmark for quick access, Enjoy ~Sarah
welcome 22/11/2006
full site comming very soon!!!

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